Yet another data breach

March 20th, 2008 by Grace Meng

A major grocery chain, Hannaford, recently announced that due to a security breach, up to four million credit cards may be vulnerable to access by criminals. So add another to the list of 2008 security breaches, and it’s only March.

As Flowing Data points out, when you look at a timeline of big data breaches from, data breaches have occurred with more frequency, not less, the closer we get to the present. Yet data breaches seem to be getting less coverage than they used to. When I looked at the full list of breaches catalogued by, I saw some that I’d heard of and many I hadn’t. And with this recent breach, I haven’t seen as much coverage as I would have expected. Plenty of specialized blog reactions and local news coverage, but not much national attention. Are people just getting used to this? Or is it that they think they have no alternatives?

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