Geoffrey Desa joining the board of the Common Datatrust Foundation

April 22nd, 2008 by The Common Data Project

We’re very pleased to announce that Geoffrey Desa has joined the board of the Common Datatrust Foundation. Geoff is currently finishing up his doctoral dissertation on technology social entrepreneurship at the University of Washington, Seattle, and will soon begin teaching and continuing his research at San Francisco State University. His research is on small ventures that develop and deploy technology for a social purpose, recognizing that many forms of technology can be replicated and used by large numbers of people at low cost. Geoff has studied organizations and projects from all over the world, from secure documentation programs for human rights field investigators to improved technology for Kenyan beekeepers. In particular, Geoff is interested in how these innovative organizations are launched, how they access and use resources, and how early decisions impact future work.

We’re thrilled that Geoff will be bringing his expertise on nonprofit organizational structure to the Common Datatrust Foundation as we work on creating a nonprofit that sets new standards for transparency, accountability, and trustworthiness.


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