The Common Datatrust Foundation Changes Name to The Common Data Project

August 18th, 2008 by The Common Data Project

We are excited to announce that we have a new name, The Common Data Project. We’ve changed our name for a couple of reasons, to avoid confusion around our use of the words “trust” and “foundation.” As an organization trying to create a new kind of nonprofit institution, we were interested in using these words to help explain our work through analogies to existing institutions–a datatrust that holds an individual’s personal information like a personal financial account, an organization that provides “grants” of information to researchers and nonprofit organizations. But given the specific legal definitions of a financial “trust” and “foundation,” we’ve decided that it’s more important to avoid public confusion. After all, we’re very decidedly not an investment company nor a private foundation.

In any case, we like the immediacy of the word “project”! We’re excited about moving forward on our Project and we hope you’ll get involved with our Project as well.

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