In the mix

December 2nd, 2009 by Grace Meng

EFF Launches New “Terms of (Ab)use” Page (EFF)

Eight Million Reasons for New Surveillance Oversight (Slight Paranoia)

Everyman Offers New Directions in Online Maps (NYTimes)

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2 Responses to “In the mix”

  1. Neil Selkirk says:

    Grace, I find the term “personal data” way too broad. There is one bunch of stuff that I would release if persuaded of its benefit, and another that I would be hard pressed to image a justification for letting go of in any circumstances.There is presumably a moveable line, depending on the benefit.

  2. Grace Meng says:

    Right–I think we’re definitely hampered by our vocabulary. Still trying to think up some better terminology! Is this a comment on the previous set of posts?

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