In the mix

February 17th, 2010 by Grace Meng

1) A major study of children is having trouble finding volunteers.  A good exposition of how hard it is to set up a longitudinal study, which is why so many of our ideas about health are based on a very small number of studies.

2) The Sunlight Foundation has launched The Data Mine with the Center for Public Integrity, “to highlight inaccessible or poorly presented information from the federal government.”  On a related note, the Sunlight Foundation analyzed why the numbers of jobs reported by stimulus fund recipients differed from the number cited by President Obama in his State of the Union Speech.  A great reminder that the promise of data is not the same thing as access to good data.

3) Another person presenting his self-collected personal dataSome people love collecting and sharing information about themselves; others are terrified of anything leaking out about themselves.  How do we make personal data useful and relevant to the people in between?

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