Yea or Nay: Credit Checks on Job Applicants

April 12th, 2010 by Mimi Yin

Should employers continue to be allowed to check your credit history as a part of the job application process?

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The biggest argument against this appears to be the lack of evidence showing a connection between credit history and job performance.

Sort of interesting to think about this in the context of other things employers ask about that may or may not have anything to do with job performance.

  1. Have you ever set a world record in anything?
  2. Do you play World of Warcraft?
  3. You have one fox and two chickens…


2 Responses to “Yea or Nay: Credit Checks on Job Applicants”

  1. Neil Selkirk says:

    oops! seems like my vote was not anonymous….
    surely the issue in some part revolves around the kind of community the employer is trying to create as a work environment. Not that convicted felons have not been some of my more valuable employees, but in America, the employer is entitled to mold his own success and disaster machine (usually in that order).

  2. Alex Selkirk says:

    A side note: independent of whether its useful or creates the right environment, employers do have to get your permission for the credit check, according to Adam Klein, a lawyer quoted at the end of the article, so this isn’t *supposed to be* a secret process.

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