Program Manager Job Opening at Shan Gao Ma LLC

May 3rd, 2010 by Alex Selkirk

Hello CDP Blog Readers  –

If you’ve been following our progress working with differential privacy and PINQ, you’ll notice that my company Shan Gao Ma LLC (SGM), has been donating time investigating how to apply some of these new privacy technologies for practical use.

I am writing on behalf of SGM today to announce that we are looking to hire a new Program Manager to add to our team. How is this relevant to CDP, you ask? It is relevant because we are looking for someone who will help drive the technical explorations that Grant and Tony have been doing to ultimately put forth a viable technical plan for the CDP datatrust.

Why is SGM helping the Common Data Project?

In 2007, I left Microsoft, where I had been working with large-scale data collection systems for many years, to start the Common Data Project.

My motivation was fairly simple, yet ambitious as well. Through my work, I had come to feel that before long there would be a real need for an independent, trusted third-party to enable real public access to sensitive data that is today trapped within corporations and government agencies. CDP is an attempt to create that trusted third-party.

Shortly after creating CDP, I began working again, as a consultant, and I created Shan Gao Ma, a for-profit company which over the past three years has grown into a small consultancy specializing in collecting sensitive data and helping clients navigate privacy issues. In other words, I grapple with the same privacy issues I dealt with at Microsoft and I see, even more clearly, the need for the solutions put forth by CDP.

Today, I continue to fund and donate time to CDP, both personally and through Tony and Grant’s time from Shan Gao Ma, as we lay the groundwork for broader financial support.

The Future

Growing our team is exciting – it’s a sign of happy clients and an indication of the great work we’ve been doing – but at our size it can also be challenging to find the right fit. I wrote a bit of background on how we work to go along with the responsibilities and candidate requirements. If you are interested or simply have some questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Please send questions, refer folks you think would be interested, and help us get to the next stage!

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